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Thumb Shots are Usually Very Accurate. Read Carrom Thumbing Rules

Thumb shots

Thumb Shots: Do you know how to play carrom? Are you aware of different carrom rules? Do you know about carrom thumbing rules? If you are interested to know about the details of the carrom game, then here is some of the information about carrom, which will help you understand carrom and its different rules in a better way.

The carrom game has little similarity to the billiard game where a player needs to pocket or sink the wooden circular disk along with the queen disk. If a player is really good at his playing techniques, then he or she may be able to win their first turn by sinking one of the discs in the corners. 


How to use Thumb Shots?

Some other important carrom thumbing rules include remembering that a player’s hand must not cross the diagonal lines or the baseline of a board while striking. A player can’t shoot for the queen if he or she sinks any of the other pieces while also shooting for the queen. It doesn’t matter which piece of disk went first. A player will lose the board if he or she also sinks the last piece of the disk before the queen. 

The last piece of the disk should be in the pocket before the queen disk, the last piece of the disk should be in the pocket after the queen disk gets to the pocket. This will result in 3 points for the player who sinks the discs and 1 point for each opponent’s player. Online and offline carrom rules can differ slightly. It all depends on whether you play online carrom or on a traditional board. If you prefer to play games online then you can play carrom online also on different gaming platforms like Mcgamer, Gamezop, Zapmeta, Getmega, Vip games, etc.

Some of the important Carrom Thumbing Rules:

There are different styles of playing carrom. Here are some of the carrom thumbing rules that will help you understand the game better.

  1. What are Carrom Thumbing Rules? A player can strike a striker in any of the fingers of his hand, the only rule that needs to be followed is that he or she is allowed to use only one finger at a time. Many people use their index finger to hit the striker and on the other hand, many people use their middle finger to hit the striker. But, if a player uses his or her thumb to hit the striker, then it is called “Thumbing”. It is also known as a thumbshot or backshot in many places.
  2. Permission on Tournaments: In international carrom thumbing rules, the use of the thumb is allowed even in the national and other tournaments. The professional players use their thumb to hit the striker backward to sink the carrom disks indirectly. There are lots of people who love to play carrom in India, so, the carrom thumbing rules differ in local carrom games at houses.
  3. Thumb Uses: Using a thumb in carrom is very important for many people. A person can use any thumb of his or her hands but not at the same time. Only one finger or thumb is allowed at the same time. Many people use carrom thumbing rules to strike the striker in different styles. A player needs to hit a disk that is placed on his or her left side of the board, then the player uses his or her right-hand thumb to hit the disk. But if the disk is placed on the right side of the board, then the player uses his or her left-hand thumb to hit the disk. To hit the striker with your thumb, you can always hide your style of hitting using your palm. It is necessary to put your striker next to your thumb or vice versa.
  4. Uses of Multiple Finger: Using multiple fingers at the same time is not allowed in a carrom game but you can always support one finger with another finger. Many players hold their index or middle finger with their thumb to give a strong strike. It creates a great force forward so that the striker hits the disks with a strong force. It allows the disk to move better in the carrom board. You can also learn and apply a few tricks and styles online. You can play different games online on popular gaming platforms like Getmega. It gives different professional tips and tricks to win different games. You can also win real money playing online.
  5. Thumbshot: Striking the strike with your index finger or your thumb is one of the most popular styles in a carrom game. The carrom thumbing rules can only be applied if a player hits the striker in his or her thumb. As mentioned above, you can only hit forward no matter which shot you are taking.


The carrom thumbing rules are very simple to understand. You can practice some tricks and styles both offline and online. If you love to play online games, then you should try some popular gaming platforms like Getmega, where you can also win real money by playing different games.

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