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How to Plan A Staff Holiday Party

How to Plan A Staff Holiday Party

Everyone keeps looking forward to spending a really good time during the holidays. The same goes for the staff of your company too. That’s why it’s paramount that you plan a great holiday party for the staff that put in much effort for your company’s success. It won’t only make them happy, it will also make them feel appreciated and recognized for their hard work too.

You might want to know how to plan an amazing holiday party for your staff. We will help you with the planning throughout this article.

You can easily plan a nice and warm holiday party for your staff by going through some steps. These steps are-

  • Creating a checklist for your holiday party
  • Setting a proper date for the party that aligns well with the free time of your staff
  • Preparing the budget for your party
  • Finding the right location for your party
  • Getting good and special food for the party that will be loved by all
  • Sending out invitations to your staff
  • Finding the right entertainment options for your party

Let’s have an in-depth look at these steps so that you can arrange a holiday party that will be remembered by your staff for a long time.


Creating A Checklist for the Party

You can have a properly organized holiday party for your staff by creating a checklist for the party beforehand. First, think of the stuff that you will need for the party, such as food, supplies, location, decoration, decorations, and so on. By organizing all the things you will need into a checklist will help you have a good idea of what should be completed when, and which responsibilities you can hand over to whom. This won’t only help you plan everything in an organized manner, it will also help you remain stress-free.

Setting A Proper Date for the Party

Setting a date for your holiday party should be at the top of your priority list. This will provide you with a deadline and a better idea about the time you want everything to be completed. Make sure to choose a day that will be preferred by everyone. When everyone will feel festive for the holiday, but won’t clash with their other plans for the holiday. Don’t set the day too close to the holiday itself so that your staff won’t be busy with their own plans, parties, or activities with their near and dear ones, or won’t be out of town.

Also, choose a day when your staff won’t have much to work on so that they can enjoy the day thoroughly. It’s important that the management team or all the key executives also attend the party. Propose multiple dates to your staff and the executives, and see which one is the most suitable one for the most.

Preparing The Budget

Preparing the budget for the staff holiday party is one of the most important things that you need to do. Your company might already have a budget set aside for the holiday party. You will have to work with your superiors, fellow party planners, and research to find the proper budget that’s affordable, but will allow for an amazing party as well. There are some things that you’ll have to consider while coming up with the budget. These things are-

  • How upscale do you want the party to be
  • What activities or themes you’ll like
  • The number of people attending the party

From there, you’ll be able to have an estimate of the foods, supplies, location, and decoration cost you’ll need.

Finding a Proper Location

If your office space is big enough and comes with enough opportunities to have fun around the place, you can just arrange the party there. Although it’s better to get out of that place and arrange the party somewhere else to give your co-workers a different taste, and a new place to breathe, as they spend a huge portion of their weeks in the office space anyway. So, it will be refreshing to take your party elsewhere and find a venue that will help provide a different atmosphere for hosting an amazing party.

As other companies in the town will also be searching for venues to host their parties, it won’t be an easy task to find a good venue on your selected date. Make sure to secure the location you want as soon as possible so that you face no trouble in booking it for the party. You should find a place that will be convenient to travel to for everyone in the office. Also, make sure that the venue can accommodate everything you want to have at your party. If you are arranging food, make sure that the venue has a kitchen or has some other way of providing it. It will make your job easy, and you won’t have to deal with extra logistic costs.

Getting Mouthwatering Foods

Food is a huge prerequisite for a great holiday party, and you need to make sure that you are arranging a great meal for your co-workers at the party. Having mouthwatering foods at the party can increase the joy of the staff manifold. You can easily host your party at a restaurant that serves good food or hire a catering service and set a menu that will be loved by your staff. You can also hire food trucks that will show up at your party venue.

Make sure to know about the choices and preferences of your staff about the food, know what they love to eat, and what they are not allowed to eat, etc. before setting the menu.

Sending Invitations

You might think that all of your staff are aware of where and when you are holding the party, and you might give them all the details regarding the party a thousand times, miscommunication or misconceptions can always occur. Your staff can get misguided about different aspects of the party. To minimize all these problems you can send out invitations for the party to your staff that will hold all the key information. You can send out emails, or also provide paper copies of invitations, or send both to be extra safe.

Making the Party Entertaining

It’s important that you make the party a really entertaining one, as your staff will love it if they get highly entertained and get to enjoy themselves a lot at the party. It will make them feel valued and appreciated. You can set a theme for the party that will be loved by the staff, and make the party more fun. You will have to set the location and make decorations based on that.

You can also plan various fun activities for the party, like scavenger hunts, charades, crafts, trivia, and more. Make sure that your activities represent your party theme if you have one. You can also give out prizes to your employees that will win in those fun games or activities. These prizes can include gift baskets, tech gifts, company swag, paid days off, gift vouchers, gift cards, etc. You can also recognize your best-performing employees at the party by giving them special awards and shutouts.

Final Words

It is important to make your employees feel happy and valued by creating opportunities for them to have fun with their co-workers, especially on the occasion of a holiday. It refreshes their mind and makes them go back to their work with a good feeling. It makes them more engaged with the workplace and their co-workers. This will help your company, in turn, to bring in its expected results and success. Also, you will be able to make the holiday special for your employees. So, make sure to arrange a fun and entertaining staff holiday party by going through the aforementioned steps.

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