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How To Practice Sustainbile & Eco Friendly Living

How To Practice Sustainbile & Eco Friendly Living

A poet of the orient, in one of his poems, rightly urged to take back concrete and return back the woods. We need to remember that we are on the threshold of imminent doom.

Energy consumption and global warming have really pushed us to think about sustainability. By this time, we have understood that resources that are buried deep into the earth are depleting fast.

Therefore, the call or the mantra of sustainability is chanted everywhere- be it business, be it a lifestyle.

Sustainability and Eco-friendly are two allied terms that go hand in hand. There are different movies where we learn about the need to practice sustainability and eco-friendly living.

Maybe you need to download them from the pirate bay to procure inspiration. In this article, we are discussing the ways through which we practice sustainable and eco-friendly living.


How To Practice Sustainability And Eco-Friendly Living

Massive economic resources have been spent to create an awareness of sustainability and eco-friendly living. Yes, the objective is successful to quite an extent.

At least the summits like Paris, 2015, and COP26 have rung the belled the cat. Discussing from a general perspective, let’s see some of the sustainable and eco-friendly living practices that we ought to embrace now.

1. Say Yes To Saving Water And Electricity 

Drinkable water and coal are fast depleting. Different statistical forecasting shows a grim projection of this very truth. The water level is going down to the danger mark. Different nations have already started to face water shortages. We can take the name of South Africa, for instance.

Now, if we come to energy, we know that the lion’s share of energy comes from coal and petroleum products. They are fast depleting.

We need to practice wasting water and energy. We need to embrace alternative sources of energy like solar and wind energy. There has been some silver lining. According to a study, renewable energy capacity is expected to increase 8% to almost 320 GW. So do more.

2. Bid Adieu To Plastic

We need to take such steps to minimize the use of plastic. Plastic is non-biodegradable. They increase pollution to a great extent. The use of plastic has definitely crossed the danger mark, and now the world is affected by it.

We need to make sure that we shun plastic in each and every step of our life. Use utensils made of copper, wood, and other materials instead of plastic.

3. Reduce Food Waste And Compost If You Can 

It is found from a study that there are around 1.3 billion tonnes of food waste. Food waste has indeed crossed the danger mark. There is a food shortage around the world.

This disparity creates concerns all around the world. Therefore we need to take the initiative to understand food waste. This is highly important. Countries from across the world need to take strong steps to reduce food waste. If possible, create compost of the waste that you accumulate.

4. Eat Less Meat, Go The Local And Seasoned Way

This one might be tough for the non-veg to digest. Non-veg people digest a lot of meat. According to a study, it is found that one must consume locally grown food. If we keep on importing food from abroad, it increases pollution. Therefore go green and try to consume less meat. Consume locally grown seasonal fruits. They are nutritious.

5. Exit From The Fast Fashion World

You might be amazed to know that the fashion market has been increasing in leaps and bounds. People are developing a sense of fashion. But if you discuss some other aspects of it, they are really terrifying. We hear a lot of labor exploitation, deforestation, and greenhouse gas emission during the manufacturing of fashionable clothes.

This develops from people’s obsession with fast fashion. So what could you do? You could try out accepting eco-friendly fabric in developing fashion sense. This may work to develop sustainability in the fashion market in the days to come.


To conclude, we like to say that everyone in the world must, especially the first world countries and emerging economies, adhere to these practices religiously.

Only these steps can increase awareness and strengthen eco-friendly living. We must go towards Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Eco-friendly was the past. Eco-friendly is the present, and Eco friendly will be the future.

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