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Advantages & Disadvantages of WPC Boards

wpc boards

WPC Boards’ Advantages and Disadvantages: WPC boards are a strong, durable, and safe material that is widely used in construction. It is made from a mixture of wood fibre, wood flour and thermoplastics. WPC boards can also be made with natural additives or thermoplastic mixtures. WPC flooring is durable and highly-end. WPC doors can be used for flooring, decking and rails, fencing, landscaping, windows and doors, exterior or interior cladding and door frames. They also blend the ground with strong, designer furniture.


What are WPC Boards?

WPC boards are a great alternative to plywood and natural wood. WPC boards are an alternative to plywood. login boards are stronger, lighter, and more sustainable than plywood. Let’s take a look at WPC boards’ components. The is the longer-form. These are wood-plastic composite boards. Percentage.

WPC Boards are available in a variety of sizes and shapes

It is available in sizes 8×4′. The boards have a thickness of 5 mm, 6 mm 8 mm and 10 mm respectively. They also come in the sizes of 8’x4′. WPC BoardsWPC Boards

WPC boards have many benefits

  1. WPC is termite-proof as well as water-proof. WPC16 com are extremely durable. Some vendors offer a lifetime warranty on their products to ensure they are termite-proof, waterproof, and long-lasting.
  2.   are resistant to decay, rot and marine borer attacks. They do however take in water and absorb it into the wood fibers embedded in the material.
  3. WPC does not require oiling, staining, painting, or any other preservatives. However, you will need to be able to apply PVC primer before you can use Duco paint or texture paint on it.
  4. WPC can be cut to any shape using a CNC-controlled router. It is also much more durable than MDF.
  5. It can be moulded to various shapes and sizes depending on the requirements and specifications. It is an excellent material for creating stylish windows and doors with a high-quality finish and a beautiful appearance.
  6. It is made from polymer. It is self-extinguishing and does not ignite a flame when it comes in contact with an ignition source.
  7. It is a fire-repellent substance. It does not aid in spreading the fire. It does not ignite with flame. Because plywood is a flame, it allows fire to grow. is the best option to choose a fire-prone zone.
  8. These products are eco-friendly because they’re not made from lead, formaldehyde, Methanol, or other harmful chemicals. It can cause serious health problems if inhaled or touched.

WPC Boards’ Disadvantages

  1. WPC is more susceptible to extreme temperatures than wood. WPC2026 live can melt if placed directly on kitchen appliances.
  2. WPC boards can’t have the laser cutter used as it could cause damage.
  3. It is composed of both a plastic polymer and wood fibres. The drawbacks of each material will be there.
  4. WPC2026 material has a higher price than other materials used for similar purposes.
  5. It lacks the natural wood texture. It is because the natural wood texture has been removed.

WPC Boards Price

The cost for 18 millimeters thick WPC2027 com live will be approximately 95/- sq. ft. Cost is determined by thickness, density, brands, and location. wpc is an emerging material that is modern and durable. Because of their strength and durability, they are replacing traditional building materials.


This page contains all you need to know about WPC. I have tried to address all aspects of the subject. Please let me know if I have missed any details.

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