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Why Is Health Insurance Policy A Wise Option Before You Turn 30?

Why Is Health Insurance Policy A Wise Option Before You Turn 30?

The early twenties is not generally the time people think about investing in a Medical Insurance policy. Not enough financial education has been given to young individuals on how important it is to have health insurance. Even people who are health conscious in their twenties care about their diet and exercise at max.

It never occurs to them that they could take a step further by investing in their health, literally! Young people are increasingly consuming substances like alcohol today, especially in times like these. While exercising and maintaining a balanced diet is necessary to maintain good health, it is also crucial to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. There are a number of reasons why getting a health insurance policy is a wise option before you turn 30, which are as follows:


Reasons to get Health Insurance before the age of 30:

1) Prioritize your health:

Going to the gym and taking supplements is not enough if you want to ace your health game. Taking informed decisions such as signing up for medical insurance at a young age is what can be really done to put your health first. Youngsters often spend on expensive gadgets and lavish goods, but what they neglect in the process is investing in the right places. Medical insurance plans ensure you are prepared for adverse situations and will put you in a position to handle them well. Our health is our biggest asset; it is necessary to invest in it timely.

2) Low Rejection Rate:

The rate of rejection when the individual purchasing the policy is young is comparatively less. Young people have an added advantage when buying medical insurance. The chances of getting the insurance approved early increases if the person buying it is young. On the other hand, the applications of people who are elderly have a higher chance of being rejected. Or they could even be asked to pay more.

3) The sooner, the better!

Taking up medical insurance at a young age increases your chances of getting more benefits out of it. Insurance companies charge more to individuals who take up a new policy after the age of 60. This is because older people are at higher risk of age-related diseases such as heart-related diseases, diabetes, etc. Your medical history plays a crucial role in how your health insurance will look like. Even the best health insurance companies take age as an important factor while making an insurance plan. Hence, the sooner you take up an insurance policy, the more advantages you will have.

4) Comparatively lower premium:

Investing early increases your chances of finding the best mediclaim policy. Young individuals are offered lower premium prices. The later in life you take health insurance, the more premium you will be made to pay. This is because elder people are more at risk of falling ill.

5) Keeping mental health first:

People have recently started taking mental health seriously, and so do some of the best health insurance companies. Some major ones provide assistance and decent coverage against expenses for psychiatric help. Like most people, the twenties are the time when you are going through a lot already. You are still getting an understanding of the world and trying to make your place in it. You begin to understand the responsibilities that come with age, i.e., taking care of the family, focusing on your career, and also taking care of yourself. While it may sound uncomplicated, we all know how difficult it can be to manage. Juggling everything can be a lot for your mental health.

Another advantage of having health insurance is that you remain stress-free. You will not find yourself worrying about money when something unfortunate happens. Therefore, medical insurance allows you to prioritize your mental health along with prioritizing your physical health.

6) Can afford to spend on health insurance:

If you are someone who is in their twenties, does not have to take care of someone else financially, and are earning well, invest in medical insurance already! No financial burden is a luxury not many have. If you are fortunate enough to be in a situation like this, health insurance can make sure everything goes smooth in the future too.

7) Be financially smart:

Getting health insurance is one of the smartest financial decisions that you will take. Especially if you make this decision before turning 30, you will be thanking yourself in times of need for investing in the right place at the right time. This one step can help you save a lot of unnecessary stress in urgent times. Medical facilities can be really expensive, and it is something that cannot be compromised under any circumstances. Hospitalization costs are touching a different high altogether. When you invest in medical insurance, you are preparing yourself for a situation that could leave a huge mark on your finances otherwise.

8) Increased chances of a no-claim bonus:

A no-claim bonus is sort of a reward/ incentive that you are given for not making a claim in a long time. When you are young, the chances of you getting hospitalized are less. While picking the best medical insurance for yourself, you make sure that your policy provides a no-claim bonus. It is done so that you can make the most out of your plan. The young do not need to claim often as their health is usually in good shape. In contrast, older people have significantly fewer chances of getting a no-claim bonus as they have to deal with more medical expenses.


A medical Insurance policy before you turn 30 is a wise decision, one that you should take as soon as your finances allow you to. A young individual needs health insurance more than they need that phone upgrade. With a little financial planning, you can get medical insurance as early as your twenties. It is that one decision that can put you years ahead financially. Once you have invested in a good health insurance plan, you can sit back and focus on the other investments. Investing in insurance early not only removes a lot of unnecessary stress but also ensures that you get the maximum advantages of the policy that you are opting for.

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