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Know About Best Cricket Prediction Website

Know About Best Cricket Prediction Website

The best cricket prediction website can help you to win a cricket bet. The prop bets for cricket allow the players to bet on events in the game that do not affect the outcome of the game and allow you to diversify your betting on cricket.

Based on the type of game or format, certain betting markets may have a variety of prop bets available for every game, however, the ones listed below are the most well-known cricket props available for those who are looking for ways they can bet on the cricket game and be successful.


Coin Toss

You can bet which team will be the winner of the coin toss that begins a cricket match. Some books let fans bet on which coin will prevail either the heads or the tails.

Top Batsman/Top Bowler

People looking to place bets on cricket stars instead of just results or events from matches could consider top bowler or top batsman props. The top batsman bet could be based on which player scores more runs or simply what team the highest run-scorer is from. A top bowler bet could focus on which bowler is going to have the most wickets in an event.

Most Sixes

Similar to the best batsman prop bet gamblers could bet their money on what team or player will score the most sixes during a game.

Cricket Events to Bet On

Like other games, international cricket offers numerous types of competitions and tournaments that occur all throughout the year. Anyone looking to bet on a cricket game must first determine the style of game and format they would like to bet on.

Indian Premier League Cricket – T20

The IPL comprises eight teams representing Indian states and towns. It is played in a 14-game format from the months of March through May every year. IPL plays in the T20 cricket format, which means there are only two innings (one per side) that can be as long as 20 overs. Due to the format’s condensed nature, it is a common occurrence that the props for players and team scores are smaller than in other formats.

The IPL and its Australian counterpart Big Bash League may be the ideal leagues for those who are just beginning to learn how to bet on cricket due to the shorter duration of the game and the offensive-oriented style of the game.

One Day Internationals

It is the One Day International cricket format commonly known as ODI is a format for games between the top cricketing nations across the globe. Similar to T20 however, the format of ODI will be played over only two innings with each team being allowed to bat just once, however when playing in an ODI format, the maximum number of overs is greater than 20, and sometimes 50 and matches can be over eight hours long. If you are looking for a way they can bet on games with international players it is this method used during the ICC world cup.

Test Match Cricket

Although T20 as well as ODI cricket is growing in popularity, bettors and cricket enthusiasts are familiar with test cricket, which is considered to be the purest version of the game. Originating from the 19th century Test cricket is a day-long variant of the sport that comprises several innings of runs. Each team bats twice during a match, and alternates bowling and fielding as much as 90 times per day or until the team that bats are bowled out.

When you understand the best ways to place bets on cricket, you’re now ready to place bets on any cricket event or format. The good news is that it’s one of the most watched sports across the globe, which means you should not have any difficulty in finding a sporting event to bet on and earn cash. For more cricket betting advice as well as betting tips, take a look at our cricket betting strategies guide.

Match Winner

As previously mentioned, the money line bet on the winning team is the most popular betting option in cricket, as are many other sports. Certain sportsbooks allow you to place bets on the draw or draw based on the format of the match. Additionally, you can find “double chance” cricket bets which is a well-known soccer betting option, where you can bet on a team’s chances of winning or drawing.

For novice bettors or people who are just casually interested, betting on the winner of a match is a great option to add stakes to a game, and put bets in on cricket to take home a win.

Innings Runs

Betting on the run totals during an innings is another common method that people use to bet on cricket matches. The bets can be placed on the exact number of runs that will occur in an inning, or over or UNDER a forecasted total of runs set through an online book. In certain cricket formats like T20 in which there are two games, each team only batting only once. In other formats, you can find at least four innings with teams rotating bats.

First Ball/First Over Cricket Betting

If gamblers want to bet on a rapid outcome, they could bet on the outcome of one of the balls or over in a cricket game. Certain betting websites provide the odds of cricket to bet on the specific outcome of the initial ball (a six-four, wicket, etc.) However, many sites simply provide either an UNDER or OVER the total for the first ball as well as an initial over.

Player and Team Total Cricket Betting

Like betting on the number of innings or the first ball/first over outcome the gamblers can bet on the total number of runs that a player has scored or the total run by a team during a match. Books establish the totals of the players and sides that fans can bet over or under.

For certain players, books will also indicate whether a player will score 100 runs (100 runs) or a half-century (50 runs) as a separate bet. Certain books will also provide the option to bet on the total amount of runs made by the opening pairing.

Live Cricket Betting

Many sportsbooks allow live betting, which means that fans can place bets on a variety of these formats during a game. In addition to the ever-changing chances for traditional formats live cricket betting in-play can include unique formats such as how the ball will be played out following ball or over, and also provide opportunities for those looking to place bets on cricket in novel ways.

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