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How Is Holistic Recovery Helping Someone With Addiction Recovery

How Is Holistic Recovery Helping Someone With Addiction Recovery



Addiction is a deadly disease! & Although many would argue that the person is totally bringing it on themselves, that is far from being true. Yes, it was their conscious decision to take the substance in the first place, but what comes after is so painful that they are not able to place the right thoughts.

Their headspace is all messed up. So, as medical professionals working in addiction recovery, it is our duty to ensure that the person is not completely wasting their time.

Plus, making the recovery process easier for them helps them to make better decisions and not fall into the clutches of relapses.

Because the withdrawal pain is sometimes unbreakable!

That is why we are about to talk about this phenomenon called holistic treatment. This is a treatment that focuses less on the use of medicine and more on the concept of healing inside out.

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What Is Holistic Treatment?

According to the normal definition, holistic treatment is an alternative treatment that doesn’t rely on medicine. Rather it looks for any treatment which induces healing. Here are some examples of holistic treatment for your better understanding.

Aroma Therapy: There are some healing scents that can calm our anxious nerves and induce normal breathing.

Acupuncture: This is a specialized treatment where soft needles are poked in the nerve endings, and it essentially calms the mind ( do not worry, they do not hurt).

Yoga: The chemical released through yoga is said to be the same as any addiction. Therefore, it is known to be the happiest alternative for addiction treatment.

Meditation: yes, anger issues are a big deal for anyone who is going through the cognitive therapy treatment for addiction issues. The rightful holistic treatment would be meditation.

Holistic doctors consider the patient’s body to consist of the mind, body, and soul. So, you will always see them avoid medicines for temporary relief and encourage patients to heal their minds.

How Holistic Treatment Can Help Addiction Treatment

Recently, holistic treatments have been used heavily by someone who is dealing with addiction issues, and here is how they can help them.

1. It Helps You Control Your Emotions

For someone who is recovering from addiction, with all the withdrawal symptoms and endless therapy, your emotions are bound to be all over the place. So, how are we going to combat that?

It is through holistic activities like yoga and meditation. Many medical professionals suggest you close your eyes and breathe for a few minutes rather than getting your caring family members and friends to get the worst of your foul mood.

2. It Gives You Healthy Distraction

Previously every time you needed a distraction from your bubbling anxiety or constant depression, you sought aid from the toxic substances. However, when you incorporate holistic activities in your daily life, you now have an extremely healthy distraction.

Simply go for a run and get the good chemicals flowing when you feel an anxiety attack coming.

3. A New Hobby For Your New Life

Holistic treatment not just focuses on your addiction recovery but also focuses on bettering your life. So, a holistic treatment coach will encourage you to continue this treatment even after your full recovery so that you have new hobbies to concentrate upon.


More things to distract you from the thought of relapse.

4. It Preaches Self Care

When you indulge in such activities, you are automatically taking care of yourself. For example, each Friday after work, you go for aromatherapy, or you help yourself on the weekends with art therapy.

These are times when you are simply focusing on yourself and no one else. You understand yourself, your own thoughts. A continuation of these activities will make you more aware of your surroundings and what is good or bad for you.

Get Ready For Your Treatment!

Ultimately, holistic treatment is the last stage of any treatment, and you should be proud of yourself if you have been able to go through a complete recovery to reach this stage.

We would strongly suggest that you do not stop the treatment, even after you are fully cured.

Plus, going to a yoga class or art therapy will help you reconsider your social cycle and hang out with people of similar sober likes.

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