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3 Tips To Encourage Your Remote Employees To Attend Training

training for remote employees

Be it, remote employees or onsite employees, training them well is absolutely necessary if you want your business to thrive while also making sure that your employees are growing professionally. Thus, by organizing regular training sessions, you can ideally ensure the quality of your employees’ work, and organizing such sessions can be pretty unavoidably costly in the context of money, time, and effort. 


Tips To Encourage Your Remote Employees To Attend Training

However, sometimes, employees find it difficult to associate themselves with these training sessions. Especially remote employees, who usually juggle between work and their personal lives simultaneously even during the work hours might get so busy in maintaining the hustle that they start to refrain from taking the training sessions. All kinds of distractions and the workload can kill their motivation to take training which results in the fact that the training sessions don’t end up having as much effect on the employees as they were supposed to. 

Such lack of motivation can also stem from a feeling that the training programs aren’t helping in day-to-day work operations. Sometimes, even when the employees are attending training sessions regularly, they cannot actually relate to the course material and thus the training sessions end up being a massive waste of resources. 

The best way to actually centralize all the material for the employees to access and train them in a more effective way in a cost-effective manner is to implement a learning management system or LMS like the Absorb Software that can give you all the required tools to carry out the training process. 

So, here’s how you can effectively train your remote employees; 

Scheduling training effectively

To actually help your remote employees balance between their work, life, and training is to schedule the sessions in the most effective ways possible. When you provide your employees with a fixed, transparent schedule for their training sessions, they tend to take it seriously and also plan their work around the schedule which ensures better rates of attendance.

The LMS calendars are one of the most effective ways to provide such a schedule as it is way better to have all your scheduled dates and time for all activities and events organized appropriately on a single platform than having them distributed across multiple spreadsheets and checklists. 

Ensuring easier access

Make sure that your material is easily accessible for the learners because if the login process is too complex and time-consuming, they might lose interest in the actual training. Make sure to instruct them well about the login process and that all the learners have access to all the required systems and platforms at least an hour before the training session starts.

The process of logging in should be the easiest thing as the ease can make an impression of the training session on the learners. You can also have a designated facilitator for the employees struggling with accessing the training platforms. 

Creating interesting material 

The training material matters a lot. So, try creating or outsourcing material that is interesting and simple rather than lengthy paragraphs of complex information. Make sure you draw parallels between the course material and the job roles of the learners so that it is actually relevant to their job and not just a wastage of their time. 

You can also implement microlearning for your remote employees as the course material is usually bite-sized and easier to understand. These smaller modules can be pretty interesting to refer to and they also help the learners retain information better while they take the lead for their own growth and development. 


Remote employees are increasingly becoming a huge part of the workforce and thus it is becoming essential to train them well. However, remotely working employees face the most challenges when it comes to balancing training and work. However, putting in efforts towards making things more organized, easily accessible, and interesting can help them learn and grow while your organization thrives in today’s competitive market. 

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