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Testing Guidance Steps To Be Followed For Oracle Cloud 22C Execution

Testing Guidance Steps To Be Followed For Oracle Cloud 22C Execution

Oracle 22C updates and changes must be executed with complete efficiency. Proper execution and carryout of testing procedures is a necessity that must be handled with care. Opkey is a certified organization that ensures the best guidance services are delivered that can help in hassle-free Oracle Cloud 22C update execution. All the necessary information is delivered to the clients that can help with better and more reliable end-to-end regression speeds. The test guidance is listed below that must be followed by business organizations for the up gradation and execution of Oracle 22C updates.

1. Limiting the testing scope: 

Business organizations must first understand that the testing scope and its various modules must be limited. To ensure crisp testing and hassle-free execution of Oracle 22C updates, only the most important modules must be selected. The specific modules that are essential to a particular organization must be identified and included for testing.

2. Understanding the modules that do not require testing:

To improve the overall speed of testing, unnecessary modules must also be identified and excluded. The most high-priority sectors must be identified that affect a particular organization and must be included in the checklist of testing. Any module or sector that does not affect an organization or its working must be excluded for hassle-free and timely completion of testing and adoption of new updates.

3. Conducting sanity and risk-based testing:

Business organizations must carry out sanity and risk-based testing procedures to ensure timely update execution. All the necessary testing procedures must be carried out and important modules must be identified that do not result in any kind of damage to the business continuity or its operations.

4. Differentiating business processes that require manual and automated testing:

All the business aspects and test cases that require manual testing must be analysed and identified. All the dedicated modules and aspects related to a business organization that requires manual or automated testing procedures must be identified and necessary business users must be assigned for carrying out the same.

5. Impact assessment for highlighting changes between updates:

Proper snapshots of the impact assessments must be taken and revealed that can help highlight the changes between previous and new security updates.

Opkey, being a reliable organization, makes available all the necessary support solutions and services can help with the execution of Oracle 22C updates. Advisory services and dedicated notification are delivered to all the clients that can help them deliver information about the type of updates and changes. Pre-release meets our conducted and outage notification is delivered that can help business organizations in managing their operations. Assessment reports are carried out and test cases are identified and informed to the clients.

Necessary reports related to impact analysis security testing, regression testing, and even issue tracking is made available post update. Any kind of problem that an organization faces through the adoption and execution of Oracle 22C updates can be handled and managed. New test scripts are added and modified according to a particular business organization. A special retrospective meeting is also carried out if a particular client requires something to be done differently.

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