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Muse S Review: The Brain Sensing Headband

Muse S Meditation

MUSE S – Brain Sensing Headband: The Muse S is a wearable headband used to keep you calm through meditation with the help of neuroscience. You may be familiar with Muse, but the ‘S’ in this model stands for sleep.


MUSE S: The Brain Sensing Headband

The Muse S is a great device that is brilliantly made and the first sleep headband that is perfect to wear during bed. It’s soft and comfortable, and the sleeping soundtracks are excellent.

Muse S is a pleasant brain-sensing headband. It helps you to understand how well you concentrate, sleep, and refocus during the day and recover each night. It employs powerful EEG technology to respond to your mind, heart, and breathing.

Features of MUSE S: The Brain Sensing Headband

  • Sleep Tracking (EEG + PPG + Accelerometer)
  • Mind (EEG)
  • Digital Sleeping Pill (EEG + PPG + Smart-Fade Technology)
  • Heart (PPG + Pulse Oximetry)
  • Breath (PPG + Gyroscope)
  • Body (Accelerometer)


MUSE S Benefits: The Brain Sensing Headband

Meditation Makes Simple

Stop making assumptions if you’re doing it correctly. During your meditation practice, use real-time feedback to help you and keep you motivated.

Keep Track and Measure Your Success

Check your facts, make goals, and develop a pleasant meditation practice.

Quick Sleep Relief

Get sleep assistance with Digital Sleeping Pills paired with forget-it-is-there comfort to help you refocus throughout the day and recharge at night. “Digital Sleeping Pill,” or DSP, is a sensitive newer version of sleep experience that is meant to put you to sleep

Muse Meditation Sensing Headband

Meditation Like You’ve Never Seen Before Muse S is a sensor meditation gadget that gives you real-time input on your brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body motions to assist you in developing a regular meditation routine.

After each meditation, you’ll receive a detailed report on how you performed from minute to minute.

Mind Meditation:

Keep Calm and Focused: Muse combines your mental activity into weather-guided sounds to help you find relaxation and concentration.

Digital Sleeping Pill:

Immediate and Intelligent Sleep Assistance for the Best Night’s Sleep: A Muse “Digital Sleeping Pill,” or DSP, is a sensitive newer version of sleep experience that is meant to put you to sleep and assist you in falling back asleep if you wake up throughout the night.

Breath Meditation:

Taking the Breath to a Deeper Level of Practice: You’ll learn to control your breath with guiding tones comparable to ambient music in a responsive sound environment. Your body and heart rate will sync, and you will be rewarded with synched musical tones to confirm and keep you on track.

Heart Meditation:

Find Your Rhythm and Your Calm: During your meditation, you will be engaged in an interactive environment in which your heartbeat will be played back to you in real-time in the form of a rhythmic, relaxing drum. Your ability to match your heartbeat can assist you in achieving peace and relaxation.

How do I Connect Muse S?

Muse S is built to support a variety of heads and has an elastic portion at the rear that provides more flexibility and allows you to modify the length of the headband. It has a maximum length of 24 inches (61 cm) and a minimum length of 20 inches (51 cm).

How do I Connect Muse S?

Steps How to Use Muse S

1. Visit on the phone or tablet to download the Muse app.

2. Once you downloaded the Muse App then turn on Bluetooth on your Smartphone/Tablet. To do so, navigate to your device’s Settings app > Bluetooth > On.

3. It is necessary that your Muse S be correctly fitted in order for the sensors to provide high-quality signals.

You do not need to manually link the Muse headband with your device’s Bluetooth settings for this type of Muse. Muse interacts with the Muse app directly. If you’re using an Android device or tablet, make sure the location service is turned on.

Muse S App info:

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Muse
Supported Application Sleep Monitor, Reminders, Heart Rate Monitor
Brand Muse
Wireless Communication Standard Bluetooth
Color Headband
Compatible Devices Apple iOS 11 and higher, Android 5 or higher
Battery Life 10 Hours
Battery Cell Composition Lithium-Ion

What is in the Muse S Box?

  • Muse S Device (Pod and Band)
  • Micro USB charger


You may need to tune your Muse S a few times to get it exactly perfect. After making any modifications, take a while to let the signal settle. Take a deep breath, relax, and allow Muse S to take you to a peaceful night’s sleep.

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