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How To Create Facebook Video Ads That Help You Generate Quality Leads

Facebook video ads

Paid advertising and social media marketing are ripe on Facebook. Boasting 2.41 billion active monthly users, there’s no doubt that Facebook is one of the most instrumental social media platforms for businesses looking for quality leads and conversions.

How To Create Facebook Video Ads

Companies and organizations can generate huge traffic by going for free social media posts. But this will just offer sub-par lead generation outcomes. Businesses on the lookout for making some really good income should use this tool for creating Facebook video ads. That’s because video advertisements on Facebook drive good engagement.

Using Facebook visual advertisements is one of the best strategies for attracting viewers and encouraging them to click on the CTA provided. Businesses should always have their focus on making top-quality video advertisements that do not fall short of the most important elements that will bring in quality leads.

Quality Leads You Want- So Do Not Forget the Quality of Your Facebook Video Ads

The quality of Facebook visual advertisements is important considering the huge amount of content that Facebook users are bombarded with on a daily basis. Your main focus should be on building anticipation in the video and placing a call to action early on.

If you want your video ad to attract quality leads, you must focus on the quality of the video. There are different ways that you can follow to improve the quality of your video.

First and foremost, do not forget to add a clear and attractive CTA at the beginning and at the end of your video. Use entertaining and engaging content as this will help you in reaching a wide audience.

Use Facebook Audience Insights

There are different in-app activities and even third-party services that help Facebook in collecting a lot of data from the users. The users on this platform have the freedom and the flexibility of using this data which is called Facebook Audience Insights.

You can make effective use of Facebook Audience Insights for creating highly targeted and top-quality advertisements. You can also use this feature to improve the quality of your ads.

Facebook Audience Insights offer you a very vivid idea of your ads’ performance and inform you about the ads that work best on the platform. Thus, you can easily filter the audience simply by using granular criteria for targeting the right prospects.

Create Advertisements without Sound

You know, people these days are in the habit of scrolling through their newsfeed on the go. They like watching videos without sound, so it does not disturb people when they are in public.

Reports suggest that 80% of individuals do not like watching videos auto-playing with audio. Hence, businesses have turned to create videos without sound. Now, the majority of the videos are not viewed without sound.

Therefore, businesses should make it a point to out their message across with visuals only. There are different ways you can use to ensure videos are effective and successful even without sound.

First of all, you can add a few close caption titles to the video. This is important because video advertisements with captions are generally watched 12% longer in comparison to non-captioned video advertisements.

Create Exclusive Ads for Different Types of Audiences

Facebook Ad campaigns generally include several advertisements. Businesses need to create different varieties of advertisements for targeting varied pain points of the audiences. So, it works to create exclusive advertisements for an exclusive set of audiences.

Though you are making different ads, ensure all Facebook advertisements focus on a single message. Remember, the more targeted your business message is, the more chances your ad will have in appealing to the right prospects.

Be Quick in Grabbing Attention and Placing the Brand

Reports suggest that the first 3 seconds of any video advertisement can deliver 47% of the total value of the brand. The first 10 seconds of your ad get 74% of the ad’s value. Therefore, you need to make the most of these few critical seconds.

Carry out surveys, and you will find people saying that they stop scrolling when they see their favorite brand or its logo. Hence, brand mentions in the first 3 seconds of a video are positively related to a lift in conversions.

Businesses looking to maximize returns from Facebook video advertisements should make it a point to make their brands easily visible right at the beginning of their advertisements. In addition to this, people tend to recall those ads strongly that are successful in getting the desired point across in the first three to five seconds.

Therefore, it works to be concise and clear with the messaging. The time placement and duration of the message are very important.

Use Top Quality Images That Blend In Well Into the Video

Business marketers need to use top-quality images in their video advertisements so they instantly catch the viewers’ attention. Nevertheless, the imagery should not appear too foreign to the users, so they immediately identify it as an advertisement.

Always keep in mind, you are targeting users on an app; you must ensure your ads blend in very well into the social feed of the users. Always stay within ad specifications, so your advertisement appears natural and fits in very well into the designated space.

Mobile-First: Have This Thought Procedure

Videos and mobiles are the perfect pair. Reports suggest that people are 1.5X more likely to watch videos regularly on smartphones than on their desktops. Mobile users are also of the view that it is easier for them to pay attention to videos on mobile phones.

This is why the mobile-first creative comes with the chances of having a 27% brand lift compared to the video advertisements that are not optimized to be watched easily on mobile phones.

Creating Facebook advertisements, so they are easy to watch on mobile phones means you must go for the shorter visuals that do not have any sound. However, there are various other things that you can also try out.

For instance, you can go for vertical videos; the vertical way is how videos are viewed on mobile phones. More and more viewers are into watching vertical videos because they fill a major part of the screen. And yes, vertical videos also get huge engagement and even conversions on Facebook.

Create Ads That Provide Problem-Solving Solutions

Your Facebook video advertisements should be more about the customers and less about your products and services. One of the best ways of appealing to the audiences is by addressing their problems and alleviating the same.

Top-quality content in a video ad generates top-quality leads. Your video ad should provide problem-solving answers and should also be completely relevant to the audience. Also, it is important to follow the right format, including some high-quality images at the same time.

Businesses should also be very specific about what their solutions will do for the audiences.

Go for Customized Advertisements

There’s no use creating ads where Facebook needs to customize the same for you. As a business, you know the target audience in the right way and the locations where they are the most active. Therefore, you must work on ad objectives and customize the ads as per the objectives.

Indeed, Facebook video advertisements are not as affordable as they were earlier. But they still make one of the most cost-effective methods of creating targeted advertisements.

The good news here is that users and businesses can easily customize the ads until they are able to attract the target audiences. A word of caution is that even though your ad might have reached the perfect age group, directing the campaign towards those with specific interests will bring in more targeted leads.

Do not fall into the trap of customizing your advertisements through Facebook as per its convenience. If you go this way, you will actually be missing out on the golden opportunity of gearing your advertisement towards a specific group of users.

Retargeting Is the Key

Retargeting the individuals who are into watching your Facebook video advertisements on a regular basis will bring you quality leads. For the uninitiated, retargeting advertisements are the ads that display to individuals who have taken some action, like visiting your site or watching any of your other ads in the past.

Retargeting is a strategy that brings in higher click-through-rate and conversions, which automatically improves the returns on investment of a business.


There is nothing to be intimidated by the Facebook video advertisements. It is obvious that the video ads on this platform are out of your reach, especially if you are a small business and you find a big brand producing high-quality video ads.

Facebook video ads might seem unreachable because of the need for top videography skills and a huge budget. But this is not the reality. The truth is that people love authenticity in advertisements. It works to get out and record a simple conversation with the best customer or narrate your brand story. This is what the audiences want.

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